Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Errant Knights Journey Part 1

I just put up my horse from a wonderful adventure of great beer, great sports, great fun, great business and great friends! My first stop was in Baltimore, Maryland where I discovered first hand that my Colts could still play football and a wonderful "English Style" Brew Pub on West Pratt St. called Oliver's. They also own another Pub called the Wharf Rat. Fitting environment for the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore. The 4 brews posted here: 3 Lions Ale, Special Bitter, Hot Monkey Love, and Pagan Porter where outstanding! Drawn from hand pumped wooden casks, and at just the right temperature you would find across the pond, I can't wait to get back! It was a fine place to begin tailgating for the Colts game and an even better place to drink a few more pints with a 44-20 victory under the belt! So, when in Baltimore do as the Knight of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale do and head down to Oliver's.
Sir Hook

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