Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Captain Hook Invades the Florida Space Coast

Captain Hook and his Curvy Crew were spotted storming the beaches off the Florida Space Coast.

Footprints in the sand were cleverly disguised as just one person coming ashore.

Photo evidence exists; however, of Captain Hook enjoying his unique version of a Black & Tan while his accomplished wenches, Lady Allwinky of Warrick and Lady Kathryn of San Ysidro, were seen drinking the night away with Sir Santa of Claus at Meg O'Malley's Pub in Melbourne.

Captain Hook and his Curvy Crew were amused by an Irish saying hanging in the Pub, "May you enjoy two hours of heaven before the devil realizes that you're dead."  

Of course, once 2-hours transpired we thought it best to move on!

Inspired by the Palm Trees, Water and Sun the Crew decided to contemplate a Space Coast riddle, "If an athlete gets athletes foot, does an astronaut get mistletoe?"  The Crew decided that it depended on how good looking and which sex the astronaut was.  

Recent reports state that Captain Hook and His Curvy Crew decided to move inland and take Orlando by force on New Year's Eve.  Stay tuned for more adventures of...

Captain Hook and His Curvy Crew

Sir Hook the Space Coast Pirate of Warrick


Sir Bowie of Greenbriar (a.k.a. David A. Kuhn) said...

Sir Hook,
A toast to you
And your Curvy Crew

Great health to you
wealth to you,
And the best that life can give to you

Sir Bowie

Anonymous said...

ahhh to be a stealthy stowaway
to wish Lady Allwinky Happy Birthday!

enjoy the sunshine!
Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar

Anonymous said...

Yes Happy Birthday Lady Allwinky...have a great Night.

Sir d of O...