Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Search: Beer and Snow...

I love Google.

Here in Southern Indiana, we've received a wintry mix of ice, snow, more ice (and more snow on the way -- up to 8 inches forecasted by noon tomorrow).

So, while waiting for a job to come in, I decided to Google "Beer and Snow." What I found was something that will be near and dear to many a Knight: BeerHaikuDaily.com, "A simple poem each day to celebrate life's simple pleasures."

For example:

Sometimes I wonder
Can beer save the world? - Don’t know…
But it’s worth a shot.

It appears that we can thanks "Captain Hops" for this one. In addition to daily beer haikus going back to 2005, there are beer links, Beer Haiku merchandise, and something called Beer Session. "
The concept is simple. On the first Friday of each month, bloggers the world over write about the same beer related theme. The host compiles a list of links to all the contributions - usually with witty commentary. Beer enthusiasts read all the entries and are educated, enriched and entertained. Comments and discussions proliferate. Lifelong friendships are formed. The world becomes a better place. A month later, we do it all again."

So, snowed in or not, check out www.beerhaikudaily.com.

Sir Bowie "Googler Inside a Snowglobe" of Greenbriar


Sir Hook of Warrick aka "David K Wells" said...

Ah, one of the downsides of having clients outside of the thriving Evansville metro area, and having my main office in my home, is that I get to work everyday come rain, snow or shine. I'm just like the Postal worker without a gun!

So, while Lady Allwinky enjoys her day off and I listen to the neighborhood kids screaming on their sleds down our hill, I slave away today!

Enjoy your free time and use it wisely. Did you invite the folks at Beer Haiku Daily to join our Merry Band? Looks like good synergy to me!

Sir Hook the Snow Dog of Bytor Stuck in Warrick

Anonymous said...

I'll have to send them my beer haiku:
Atlases of foam
clinging round
half full Glass

D of O

Sir Hook of Warrick aka "David K Wells" said...

I visited Beer Haiku Daily and it appears interesting. I went to Captain Hops blog and he lives in Baltimore and hasn't posted on his blog since last November. Perhaps he's recovering from one hell of a hang over!

I reach for a glass not yet filled
Frothing with Anticipation!

Sir Hook the Haiku Hobbit of Warrick(shire)

Sir Hook of Warrick aka "David K Wells" said...

Party Animal
Devours the city
One bar at a time

Sir Hook the Animal of Warrick