Sunday, May 24, 2009

KMSA Thought for the Day

Increasingly as Blogs get condensed to haiku like twitters, I forward the motion that on top of the Knight Time feature I started a while back to encourage cross pollination of all things cultural between the members of the KMSA.. a new, KMSA Thought for the Day for Knights and Ladies to sprinkle us with the twitters that are on their mind.

To throw the first pitch ; When animals have surgery they put those cones around their heads so they can't lick their wounds so they can heal? I think someone should invent that for human emotions.

Sir Dayvd ( who is on the road, enjoying England being summer Green, Blue and Gold, instead of winter Brown and Grey ) of Oxfordshire..


Sir Hook of Warrick aka "David K Wells" said...

I believe that has already been accomplished...we call it putting up walls, barriers, etc.

I don't see it as a strength, but a great weakness, which prevents my first rule of Enthology...Endeavor to Engage!

Sir Hook Who Believes that By Your Wounds You Are Healed of Warrick

Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar said...

I think the cones are there to keep the animals from continuing to "worry" at the hurt and keep it too irritated to begin to heal...
TIME heals wounds

Lady Suzanne,
who is not a vet, but is owned by her animals