Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rest Our Weary Heads

a.k.a. The Day After Moving Day!

Sunday and yesterday were moving days for our older daughter Amy and her h... hus... husband.
Husband. There, I said it. Her husband Mark.

So, Lady Suzanne and I packed up a U-Haul and three vehicles and moved the new bride and groom to their first apartment just south of Indianapolis.

As we were packing and unpacking wedding gifts, I noticed several wall decorations and other items with one of Amy's favorite sayings.

So today's blog comes from a set of pillows with a profound message that we all can rest or weary heads upon:


Sir Bowie of
"180 miles / about 3 hours 23 minutes away from our baby - not that we counted" of Greenbriar


Anonymous said...

Awww,,the old "3hrs away" routine...:) far enuff to stop the Outlaws...sorry, i meant the Inlaws from keeping popping in....close enuff for a day visit every now and then, or if you need them to mend stuff or lend money.

Hope everything went well, and Amy check that big box on the landing...I think you'll find Bowie, stowed away in it... :))

Sir Dayvd ( a sucker for a moving experience ) of Oxenfordshire

Anonymous said...

Ps...it just struck me when i looked again... lol...did i miss the irony in the statement that it took one large U-haul and three vehicles to take this "Simply Lived " life away....:))

Sir D ( backwoodsmen would have used mules ) of Oxenburbs

Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar said...

funny thing is, this is only part of their wedding gifts and Amy's things...Mark's being picked up today along with more gifts

he has learned the lesson of washing glittery clothes with everything else...this recent college boy with only brothers will learn a lot more valuable lessons in the weeks to come!
(like Amy chose the larger closet)

after watching Amy load up things from here that she will probably not keep in the long run, we are starting the sorting of 25 years of stuff as we reclaim closets and space Amy will no longer be using

not anything you'd covet, Sir D, unless you want my old cheerleading uniform or girls' dance costumes, or a grass skirt from Hawaii or any of the great things that have been tucked into closets and forgotten about, until now!

we do not live simply here -yet!

Anonymous said...

lol...wooohooo Your cheerleading outfit!!....don't get me started...lol..I have enuff restraining orders as it is...

Sir Dayvd ( living the vida loca ) of Oxfordboonies

Sir Hook of Warrick aka "David K Wells" said...

Yeah, 3 hours is perfect! Lady Meagan moves to St. Louis in September and Sir Ryan is moving to Indianapolis in two weeks! I'm not sure who's more excited...me and Lady Allwinky or the kids?! LOL!

It's all good, and necessary.

Sir Hook Who Resisted Eating His Young of Warrick