Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So Happy Together: A Post Script to the Taming of Lynnville

Three pictures of the Old Fox with his Fox at the Old Fox are worth three thousand words! Photos courtesy of Sir Bowie.

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Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar said...

we did have a fun night - and the hoppy ales were great - even better than Poachers - the Hop Devil won me over!

they were dancin, and singin, and movin to the groovin, play that...

though the Happy Together rendition still brings a tear to my eye - my very first boyfriend in junior high dedicated that song to me at a Friday night dance after a football game - he was my first dance, my first kiss, a wonderful friend who was actually the last date I had before Sir B and I became engaged - he died way too young in a car accident right after playing golf and on the way to be a best man in a wedding - even after these many years I connect that song to Walter
(Sir Lance of Brentwood will say it should be Puppy Love - family joke!)

Life goes on and others come into our lives and play different songs, even singing Karaoke at the Fox, or a band in Oxford, or whatever our next adventure will be!

what will today's song be?