Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Springtime birthdays abound

Wishing a Happy Birthday to a special knight:

Sir Lance of Brentwood is "50something" today

Celebrations should commence!

Lady Suzzzzz,

who has another brother with an April birthday...
one who doesn't use this new-fangled computer much...a potential knight?


Sir Bowie of Greenbriar (a.k.a. David A. Kuhn) said...

Happy Birthday to Sir Lance, who is still Sir Lance-a-lot older than I.

Sir Bro-in-law Bowie of Greenbriar

Sir Lance of Brentwood said...

Aw gee, you guys really know how to make an old guy feel wanted! Thanks for the birthday wishes and here's to hoping I have many, many more!

Sir Lance, who is chronologically 54 but mentally still just a young punk who has a lot to learn

Sir Hook of Warrick aka "David K Wells" said...

Happy birthday Sir Lacenotmucholderthanme! I'm with you on the young punk gene. Turning 53 soon.

Sir Hook the Timeless Highlander of Warrick

Anonymous said...

lol....you are all Cubbies....54 is sooo last year...

Sir D ( who is back from his globe trotting this morning to celebrate his Pop's 90th...which pretty much makes cubby's of everyone ) of O