Friday, May 7, 2010

evening times

Sir Bowie and Sir James and our newest home away from home

delicious dinner in the dutch oven
first night sitting out,
last night sleeping out under the stars
waking to the birds
and a breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked over the fire

a mini-vacation right in our own backyard


Anonymous said...

lol this is like letting the kids have their friends round for a sleep-over out on the back lawn. ..

Nice one cowboys..

Sir D of Oxfordshire

Sir Hook of Warrick aka "David K Wells" said...

Good comment Sir D! Can I come out a play too?!

Sir Hook the Tentless of Warrick

Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar said...

two weeks- Lady Allwinky knows where we'll be as she visited last Spring

come on out and play too!